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Your next step will depend largely on the person you are and what you are used to doing with poker. If you think you can't cope with the temptation then you should try and see if poker has any place in your life. Go to places where there are no people at all and do not look at any signs or pictures of the game you are addicted to. Keep away from people, places and things that will stimulate your urge to gamble singapoker.

It is always advisable to start slowly with poker addiction and when you feel you can handle it, you can move on to more complicated games. This way you can build up your courage and give up on the more complicated games as soon as you feel you are getting over the initial roller coaster ride.

A poker recovery program will have its own share of benefits for you. These will include improving your attitude towards life, making you stronger mentally and physically, helping you manage stress and control your addictive behavior, leading you to identify sources of stress and resolving them and finding the strength to meet problems head on. A poker addiction recovery program will also offer support in terms of counselling and medication for the individual, the addict and his family idn poker.

Poker addiction can sometimes seem too overwhelming and unmanageable. If you follow the above mentioned tips and guide lines, you will be able to overcome your addiction faster and with less difficulty. Make sure you work hard to recover and never let anyone discourage you.