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Debra Hammons

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Experienced Content Manager here with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Advertising, SEO Copywriting, and Technical Writing. Strong media and communication professional with a Master of Arts (M.A.) focused in Literature.

I'm an extravert in that I'm driven by connections with others, but I'm more an introvert in my need to recharge often in familiar environments. My home is important to me, and when it comes to relationships, I'm looking for people who give me a sense of “home” even when I'm out and about in the world. I am highly attuned

Books: Currently have 5 or 6 books waiting to get started and haven't decided which to dive into first. Love both fiction (big fan of historical fiction) and non-fiction, just depends on my mood. I also have a few magazine subscriptions (such as Time and National Geographic Traveler) and can never seem to keep up with the new issues of a couple others I received inexpensively.

Movies: Way too many to list (just ask for what pops in my head that day) though I usually stay away from the musical and horror genre, otherwise most everything is of interest.

Music: All depends on my mood and the company but I like almost everything from top-40 stuff to Metallica. I can mostly do without country, though.

Food: Not much I dislike these days, from basic American comforts like steak/bbq/pizza to ethnic food like Thai/Indian/Cuban and all the others that I didn't mention. I love spicy foods!