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Aaron Doering – An Impressive Learning Technologist of 21st Century

oleh Steve Ryan (2019-11-05)

Technology is continuously transforming the world around us. One best way to make the most out of it is by ingeniously incorporating it into our educational system. That is what Aaron Doering thought when he came up with the notion of Adventure Learning (AL) through one of his many esteemed projects called WeExplore. Born and bred early years of his life in the vast and beautiful farms of Minnesota, love for nature, inquisitiveness for geography and yearning for educational adventure got instilled into his bones at a very early age.

The passion for learning kept on intensifying all through his life. That is probably the reason why he did not stop after completing his doctorate and securing the professorship at the very prestigious University of Minnesota. In fact, he capitalized on his position there and started designing and executing those projects and virtual learning environments that are powerful enough to induce positive impact on a global level.

What is Adventure Learning (AL)?

First of all, you must not confuse AL (adventure learning) with AI (artificial intelligence) as both of them are pretty different. With adventure learning (AL), Aaron Doering managed to shrewdly blend the concepts of learning and adventure. He realized that children learn much faster when they are well aware of what is really going around them. It is unfortunate that most of the traditional classrooms provide passive learning environment to your kids. On the other hand, with AL they can actively employ their minds to get acquainted with the terrain around their selves, learning about diverse problems and coming up with practical solutions.

All that became possible with the efforts of Aaron Doering that sprang up in the form of WeExplore. It is a virtual learning platform that provides your children an exclusive and stupendous opportunity to design their own expeditions based on a variety of social issues and deal with the challenges they encounter during their ventures by developing effective coping strategies.

It is not very difficult to understand how Aaron Doering has remarkably enabled kids around the world to learn through WeExplore. Simply imagine your kids climbing up a rock, walking right across a log that is elevated on land or water and coming down through a rapid zip line. After all these activities when they finally touch the solid ground again, your kids will feel triumphant, empowered and successful. Now connect these aforementioned and countless other activities to different social challenges. Your children will definitely be able to discover a great deal of new ideas that will assist them throughout their lives. 

Aaron Doering has utilized all of his experience and expertise to devise this wonderful educational environment. You know what’s the best thing about that? During AL sessions, your kids will work both collaboratively and independently in to order to solve problems, complete tasks, and stand by one another once they step outside their routine, comfy zones.

In addition to WeExplore, Aaron Doering has pioneered many other projects for the growth, prosperity and sustainability of education in the whole world. Some of those noble social endeavors include Earthducation, North of Sixty, AgCultures, EarthXplorers and many more.