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Moninder Birdi’s 3 Tips to Improve Shopping Mall Security during Black Friday

oleh Steve William (2019-11-06)

Securing a huge, thriving shopping center is most definitely a difficult challenge for many shopping mall administration teams, especially during the holiday season. Maintaining a pleasant shopping experience for the general public, identify suspicious behaviors, ensure crowd control, and quickly defuse possible incidents must be among the top priorities of your shopping mall’s security program in this season. That’s why, Moninder Birdi and Birdi, Inc., with its specialization to security systems, share 3 essential security tips to increase safety in shopping malls during busy Black Friday sales.

Check and upgrade your security system

Your shopping mall’s security administration team plays a crucial role in keeping your on-floor staff, visitors and mall safe.

The fever of Black Friday shopping requires some add-ons in the mall’s security program, including emergency procedures and equipment protocols. Moninder Birdi suggests that logistics should be primarily discussed, documented and communicated to all associates of your mall’s security team at least a week before Black Friday sales:

  • Ensure there are adequate and operational flashlights and radios installed prior to the mall opening
  • Review camera streaming to report suspicious behavior, including visitors who purposely wave at security cameras or wander around restricted areas
  • Increase alertness within the security team and the staff, and emphasize the importance of prompt emergency response
  • Plan alternating patrol routes and rounds so potential criminals/thieves won’t be able to predict their patterns
Equip your shopping mall personnel with situational awareness and security training

Undoubtedly, Moninder Birdi’s & Birdi, Inc. security systems are the most powerful systems, but little extra measures from the on-floor staff don’t hurt anyone.

Pay special attention to high-risk areas

Because most suspicious people look for hideouts, and these hidden corners become the most high-risk spots in your mall. Instruct your security teams to keep eagle’s eye on the following areas:

  • Underground parking lots
  • Washrooms
  • Garbage bins
  • Storerooms

 Moninder Birdi’s & Birdi. Inc, as security system integration professionals understand the complexity of crowded holiday season in the retail facilities and their much needed essential security protocols. We hope these suggestions by Moninder Birdi will be a great place to start.