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The Applicant Manager (TAM)

oleh Bob Parker (2019-11-25)

The Applicant Manager (TAM) is a fantastic alternative when you need to gather experiences from your job postings and results and in the event that you need to make job postings simple and reasonable. Utilizing job board software encourages you to make sense of in case you're in good shape with your job postings and decision of job boards. Is it accurate to say that you are making the correct job board speculations?


At the point when you use TAM, you gain the capacity to run definite sourcing reports with the goal that you can perceive how effective your posting was in a few distinct classes. For instance, how far did candidates progress in your enlisting work process by position? When did candidates quit the procedure? You can likewise impart reports to key individuals from your enlisting group.


Far and away superior, with incorporations with free and paid job boards, aggregators, and posting administrations, TAM makes presenting on job boards simple by wiping out wasteful aspects so you can focus endeavors on discovering top ability.