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Eynon Thinks Mountain Biking Rules Over Other Adventure Sports

oleh Kiera Shawn (2019-12-05)

Let’s learn the mountain biking rules, the James Eynon way. When it comes to sports like mountain biking, he affirms it is the perfect getaway to a hilly environment. It is something that keeps you in good shape, health and suppresses all your problems in life, making you a more calm and composed person for problems surrounding you. 


What Makes Mountain Biking Popular Than Other Sports?

From James Eynon viewpoint, one thing is for sure that mountain biking offers you an ever-changing environment. When people get on their bikes, they bike all year round. Snowing, hailing or raining, nothing affects their sportsmanship. They love to bike both in scorching deserts and in icy mountains. The courses are ever-changing, and there are varied experiences you unveil with mountain biking. Also, there are many different kinds of mountain biking for different people.


1. Downhill Biking

People prefer this biking genre because it gets you outside in the fresh air. The rocky ride can be completely relaxing and scary at the same time. Additionally, it feels heart-warming to bike with a bunch of bears. 


2. Freeriding

Freeriding is a mountain biking type, offering the experience made up of dangerous stunts. It includes drop-offs and booters, which are manmade jumps made out of wood and dirt.




Another genre is cross country mountain biking, which gets you on a flat or uphill trail, and you jump as long as you can. Generally speaking, the cross country races makes you ride for 24 hours, but usually, they last up to three hours. 


4. Slopestyle and Dirt jumping


The reason to mention these genres together is they resemble each other a lot. You do dirt jumping when you ride a mountain bike without back suspension on the very steep area. Here you perform jumps and do tricks in the air. 

Whereas slopestyle is a combination of freeriding and dirt jumping. It contains some jumps from dirt jumping and a few of the obstacles you encounter on a freeride trail. 


James Eynon

James Eynon

James Eynon