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A Visionary Social Entrepreneur

oleh Jack Ryan (2019-12-31)

Aaron Doering hails from the picturesque countryside of Minnesota. Academically he has a PhD from the immensely proclaimed University of Minnesota in Instructional Systems and Technology. Professionally he has been associated with a broad range of illustrious organizations in different capacities. However, currently he is working as a professor at the University of Minnesota and director of Learning Technology Media Labs.

Perhaps the most prominent thing that differentiates Aaron Doering from many other experts of his field is that he consistently keeps on introducing projects and social ventures to induce a positive impact on society. Ideas behind the virtual learning environments he has created and launched till now are not only unique, they are practical as well. Anyone including you and your kids can exploit them. Plus they are virtually accessible, it entails that you can use them regardless of your current physical location.

Aaron Doering is a visionary social entrepreneur and his focus is primarily on the matters like sustainable development, global education and climate change. Even though he has developed different virtual learning environments, all of them share a common goal. This goal is to make world an enlightened and happy place where you, your children and coming generations can live peacefully. Following are some of his notable online learning platforms that can help your kids as well as other millions of students in multiple ways.



 Having a masters degree in Geography, Aaron Doering knows very well how to engage today’s generation in learning this amazing subject. GeoThentic is an outstanding platform that facilitates your k-12 kids in exploring diverse facets that are involved in geography by making use of interactive technology. When your children use GeoThentic they will be assigned a geographer’s role while solving multiple geographic challenges.

This platform ingeniously utilizes different modules through which your kids can practice. For example, learners can be asked to construct a stadium, mall or hospital after determining the most appropriate venue in Los Angeles, or globally identify those locations where infant mortality rate is the highest. GeoThentic is equipped with a great deal of similar challenging yet interesting modules that can enhance the overall geographical knowledge of your children.


North of Sixty

Climate change is real and if not given the right amount of attention that this issue deserves, it can even jeopardize life on earth. Aaron Doering initiated this project so that he can spread awareness regarding the threat climate change poses not only to humanity but to wildlife and other living beings as well.

From Qikiqtarjuaq to Nunavut, a team led by Aaron Doering explores various communities where they interview elders, students and teachers in a bid to document stories regarding climate change. Consequently these personal stories will help you, your children and people all over the globe in learning the negative upshots of climate change. In addition to that, this platform also enables students who belong to the northern region to virtually document and share their tales.

Some other projects worth mentioning that relate to learning environments and are created by Aaron Doering include EarthXplorers, Earthducation, The Changing Earth, Raptor Lab, AgCultures and many more.





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