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oleh Sheri Walter (2020-01-21)

Don't stress about smooth skin - Sugaring removal now


Are you stressing about silky smooth skin while the summer season is drawing near?  Don’t. It is now easy with the rising trend of sugaring hair removal methods. Say goodbye to exhausting and painful hair removal methods and hello to something little bit sweeter – Sugaring.

What is sugaring? 

Sugaring hair removal is one of the delicate ways to remove unwanted hair, without any bumps as it removes only the dead skin. It provides a smooth finish to the skin leaving it soft and pain-free. Sugaring paste hair removal is a preferred option for sensitive skin because it does not tear off the skin while removing the hair; making it a great choice to remove hair from sensitive areas.

How is sugaring wax made?

Sugaring uses a candy-like mixture of lemon, melted sugar and water to remove the hair directly from the root. Unlike waxing, it does not need to be heated before applying on the skin. What makes sugaring so unique from other methods is its simplicity; the only tool is a sugar ball rolling continuously on the skin against the direction of the hair. This removes the hair from their natural direction making the result long-lasting and minimizing the chances of ingrown hair.

How is sugaring different than waxing? 

Sugaring is different from waxing in several ways which include:

Better for less course hair:

Waxing fails to remove thin or less coarse hair making it unsuitable for long term maintenance. Sugaring has solved your problem as it is great for softer hair and works great even for the thinnest of hair.

If you have finer, thinner hair, you are already making a great candidate for this skin-friendly method of hair removal at home.

Get all the missed hair:

With regular hair wax, having a second round on your skin can leave it irritated, red and strawberry skin because regular wax grabs your skin and hair and strip them off simultaneously. With sugaring wax, you can apply as many times as possible because it sticks only to your hair.  It is a gentle option even to remove hair from the curvy or joint area.

Easy to clean:

Since sugaring paste hair removal is made out of natural products, it is easily soluble in water. This makes wiping off immensely easy, unlike traditional waxing that sticks the residue onto your skin even if you wash it thoroughly.

Sugaring hair removal is widely practiced by both genders alike due to its easy application, exceptional result and minimum side-effects. Adapting to this technique can leave your skin smooth, bump-free and you can flaunt your perfect skin all summer long.