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New Sober Alcoholics In Recovery

oleh James Harper (2020-03-13)

Built Train to Sobriety is specially designed for New Sober Alcoholics In Recovery. We are not part of the Alcoholics Anonymous; however, all our content was created by Recovering Alcoholics for Recovering Alcoholics.  Our content includes videos, blogs, courses, podcasts, and live coaching and live events. We are only here to serve alcohol on recovery.

In all of our programs and offerings, we respect the 12 steps of AA. We align with the anonymous traditions of alcoholics by not using our full names or by displaying our faces in the public domain of the radio, press and movies or on social media. Respecting the principles of anonymity, most of our content is behind a password-protected login, however for the exclusive use of Alcohol In Recovery; however, anyone visiting this site will have blogs, podcasts linked to our homepage. Or watch Facebook videos.