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If you said 'take my money HBO', it's ready to collect

oleh Lovie Brassell (2020-01-12)

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It's here -- HBO without cable or satellite. Since HBO Now is live, the network is taking the logical next step -- tracking down folks that said they'd love to pay for its content and asking them to put their money where their tweets are. Last week it was replying to tweets received years ago, and today the marketing campaign took another step by including Jake Caputo, the founder of takemymoneyHBO.com, and a couple of special guests from The Sopranos. HBO Now has its own limitations (you'll need Apple devices and/or Cablevision internet to sign up), but since it's here and the content is mirrored from HBO Go, are you ready to sign up -- or at least jump on the month-long free trial?

HBO's replying to people who three years ago said they'd pay for a standalone subscription website pic.twitter.com/TaipE1YzaS

- Zach Seward (@zseward) April 3, 2015Forget #takemymoneyHBO. It's happening. I'm going to get @HBO NOW. website #GETHBONOW

- Jake Caputo (@jakecaputo) April 8, 2015