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Outdoor Advertisement - Reaching Out Beyond the Boundaries of Home

oleh Sonya Barlee (2020-01-19)

Outdoor Advertisement or "Out of Home Advertisements" asit now being more commonly referred to as, means any type of advertising which reaches out to the customer outside the precincts of her home. It typically involves the use of various creative and unusual forms to grab the consumer's attention as she travels, goes to the doctor, plays, entertains herself and of course shops. The typical forms of this category of advertisement are:

1. Billboards - This is the most traditional form of outdoor advertising which has now evolved with technology to show off digital graphics, sounds and in some cases even 3-Dimensional images. They are predominantly used in places where there is a high volume of traffic - pedestrian or vehicular. The prime function of billboards is to serve as reminders of the brand and the products. The most effective billboard advertisements are those where pictures and logos do most of the talking.

2. Public Space Advertising - This form of outdoor advertisement is typically seen in places which serve as some form of waiting or service areas such as airport lounges, railway station waiting rooms, bus shelters and also kiosks selling newspapers, snacks or some other services and includes even post boxes, telephone booths, garbage vats and public toilets! Hoardings, posters, branding of the furniture or equipment in these places in the advertisers colours, banners and pop-ups are the most common methods used here.

3. Transit Advertising -This involves the use of the various modes of transit such as cars, buses, aeroplanes, trains and so on as media for 카지노사이트추천 carrying the advertising message. This is a powerful and effective form of advertising as the average consumer spends a substantial part of her time in some form of commute or the other and therefore a vehicle carrying an advertisement would surely catch her attention at some point of time.

In many cities these days, advertisers have combined transit advertising with billboards to create "mobile billboards "which typically involve a billboard mounted on a truck which moves about the city and places itself at various locations at different times of the day depending upon the expected traffic volumes.

4. Public Events - Again another popular form of outdoor advertisement especially in the case of sporting events where hoardings, cut-outs, banners, streamers, digital displays are put up all over the stadium to catch the eyes of both the live viewers as well as those watching the event on television or over the internet. Advertising in movies theatres, live concerts and performances all come under this.

5. Others - The most creative formats fall into this category which includes the use of manhole covers, elevators, vending machines, empty store-fronts, the back of airline, railway or movie tickets and even walls of buildings to convey an advertising message.

The biggest advantage of advertising out of doors is its ability to reach out to a large number of people with a very high frequency as compared to other media. It also enjoys the benefit of being very cost effective this way. A well-designed outdoor advertisement is bound to catch the attention of a consumer and create a top of the mind recall for the advertiser.