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AT&T Digital Life review: It's a wonderful Digital Life

oleh Albertha Poninski (2020-02-02)

EPrUCl-UYAYtpSB.jpg%5Cid="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-component="indepthReview"> CNET has kept its finger on the pulse of the growing do-it-yourself security market for some time -- reviewing tons of modular security setups. But now, thanks to the CNET Smart Home, I have the opportunity to review whole-home systems.

Of course, professionally installed security is a different animal from more modular options. Instead of assembling individual products, like a thermostat, an alarm or a lock, you sign an extended contract, get a fully integrated system, and pay a monthly fee till the contract ends. That means we have to work with companies more closely than usual. After arranging an install of one of AT&T's Digital Life packages, though, I finally got a chance to spend a week and a half testing it out at the CNET Smart Home.

Overall, 바카라사이트 Digital Life is very recommendable. The app interface is slick, the security features are market-competitive, and the home automation devices, while a little basic individually, benefit from beautiful integration. The biggest weakness of AT&T Digital Life is the price point. Between a two-year contract, monthly fees of $40, $55 or $65, initial equipment fees ($50, $150 and $200, respectively), and potential cancellation fees, consumers should be wary of jumping onboard without due consideration. But for anyone in need of professionally monitored smart-home security -- especially those trying to avoid the guesswork of installing do-it-yourself systems -- Digital Life is one of the best options out there.