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Steps to Becoming a Certified, Accredited Life Coach

oleh Jake Lloyd (2020-02-20)

Over the past decades, Life Coaching has come a long way as a profession. It can be accredited to the work and dedication of Certified Professional Coaches all over the globe. It was a profession that was once not well known by the general public but now it is widely recognized by individuals and corporations.

Are you already a personal or professional life coach? Or would you like to become one? You have to follow what you preach and be a model for your clients.

Become a Model Life Coach

To become a life coach who is looked up to by all, you need to start working with an accredited mentor coach. At Noble Manhattan Coaching as part of our training, we provide a Mentor Coach. In case you are not certain if you are ready to make a commitment yet, you need to get your own life in order first. Courses like Coach Yourself to Success Online will help you but only to get to step 1. There are also books such as 'Coach Yourself to Success: 101 Tips to Accomplish Your Personal and professional Goals' to help. By making a minimal investment, you can gain access to basic insights from a coach to help you as a new coach. It can also work as a great reference for established life coaches.

Find a Life Coach Certification Program that Meets Your Specific Needs

You need to get a professional life coach training at a Coach Training Program accredited by ICF and other accreditation bodies. There are around 900+ coach training companies in the world today and only 4 accredited coach training companies.

Founded in 1993, Noble Manhattan Coaching is one of the longest established life and executive coach training companies in the World. Noble Manhattan offers a wide range of life and executive coaching and business courses. There are around 900+ coach training companies in the world today and Noble Manhattan is 1 of only 4 accredited coach training companies approved with the International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring (IRCM) website the International Coaching Federation (ICF) - website and the Institute for Leadership & Management (ILM) - website and the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M) website

Noble Manhattan Coaching has trained in excess of 26,000 professional life coaches and executive coaches worldwide. The Noble Manhattan Coaching company currently trades in 28 countries. Careful thought and design has gone into developing full programs of life coach training and executive courses ranging from one-day events to Diploma, 안전놀이터 Advanced Diploma, and a Ph.D. in Coaching. Whatever your situation, immediate goal, and ultimate coaching aspiration, we can provide the total life coach training, business or leadership solution.

Set up a Life Coaching Business Classification

To obtain certain legal protections as a business owner, life coaches should set up a business classification. You can get a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation.

Acquire Life Coaching Insurance

Though life coaches do not necessarily have to carry insurance, getting coverage can help safeguard your business and give clients their peace of mind. We recommend Westminster Insurance - website

Exercise and Develop your Life Coaching Skills

When you enroll in life coach training, you will immediately start to exercise your new skills. Approach some of your acquaintances that are willing and begin coaching them. By doing this, you can develop more confidence in your ability until you are ready to charge for your services.

Register on Life Coaching Directories

You can register yourself as a "coach in training" on different coaching directories. It comes with plenty of benefits. You are exposed to new clients and you can start offering to coach for free or on discount in order to get in practice. Exercising what you have learnt is what you will need now more than anything. Don't quit your day job yet. It may take you a year to complete your life coach training with Noble Manhattan. If you keep your full-time job, you could enjoy the process and not worry about how to pay the bills.

Noble Manhattan Coaching

What is unique about us as a life coach training company is we provide business training and resources after you have finished training with us as a Coach, to ensure your success. When you are coming to Noble Manhattan Coaching USA you can feel assured that whatever course you select, you are going to receive a quality of training that is second to none. Over the years, our expertise, knowledge and experience combined with cutting-edge training techniques have provided the corporate and personal market alike with an invaluable service.

Noble Manhattan's staff are all highly qualified and extensively experienced individuals in their field whose teachings are based on personal 'working' ability integrated with high levels of academic knowledge. This combination of the practical and theoretical is an essential ingredient that we insist all of our staff possess as it is our belief that it allows us to provide the highest quality 'in touch' life and executive coach training available in Europe and the USA. To our knowledge we are the only life coach training company in the world that provides a level of care and business support to you becoming a success as part of our family, after your training is complete.

The world's leading Life & Corporate Coach training company. We are award winning international life coach training programs in 28 countries, with over 26,000 graduates!To receive our Brochure on Life & Executive Coaching Visit Noble Manhattan USA