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Sony moving forward with video download service

oleh Gregorio Nellis (2020-02-23)

-text c-gray-1" >GI.biz is reporting that Sony is finally revamping its pledge to bring PSP owners more video content. With the UMD format dead, Sony is looking towards digital distribution. Strangely, it appears that Sony is avoiding their failing music store, Connect, and are in talks with other content providers, such as Amazon's Unbox, MovieLink and CinemaNow. Unlike downloadable PSone games, which require the purchase of a PLAYSTATION 3, the movies will be downloaded to a PC and then transferred to the PSP.

\ub09c\uc7a5\ud310 :: \uc6a9\ub450\uc0ac\ubbf8 \uc561\uc158 \uc601\ud654. \uc601\ud654 \u0026quot;\ucf58\ud2b8\ub77c\ubc34\ub4dc\u0026quot;\ub97c \ubcf4\uace0.This move gives PSP more of an edge in its continuing struggle against Apple's iPod and iTunes Store. Apple's iTunes Store offers a wide assortment of downloadable movies from big-name partners like Disney, but the iPod itself currently features only a 4:3 screen, making it less than ideal for movies. Sony's PSP will provide a better movie-watching experience, but users will be responsible for purchasing sufficient flash memory. With Microsoft also providing video content downloads via Zune and Xbox Live Marketplace, this battle is sure to be an interesting one.

[Via Joystiq]

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