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What are dollar to euro anticipated rates in 2012

oleh Tegan Glaze (2020-02-26)

.pngThe downgrade of Americas AAA rating, the deepening debt crisis in Europe and a global
 deterioration on the economic and financial front, has led major 유로247코드 economic and financial experts to look again in their outlook on dollar to euro anticipated rates in 2012. Most of them strongly believe that the governing monetary policy in the Euro Zone which tightened in April will continue in the light till late February, 2012, at least.

This is important whether youre a forex trader or planning a vacation to Europe. Without doubt, dollar is the reserve currency of the world. It took just a financial emergency to show just how significant a reserve currency is. The economic slowdown saw investors panicking and taking their money out of the risky investments and putting them in less risky commodities.

 Investors were seen buying the euro. Europe had superior interest rates and a dependable central banking system. The European Central Bank, which is the equivalent of the Federal Reserve, is reluctant to turn to the printing press and inflate the euro. But when a law is no longer goes well with the policy of a government, it can make amendments. This was seen in a very recent example 750-billion euro bail out for Greece, where ECB bought Greek government bonds and printed Euros to foot the bill. However, this will lead to an unavoidable inflation in Euro. The reality is that the bailout has been an utter failure.

One should not make any mistakes here. The uncertainties ware bound to continue and Europe will have to go through more in the coming years. 10% of GDP budget cuts will certify a long and painful recession in Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Italy. This alone could leave negative impact on Euro. Driven by continue concerns in the Eurozone, a soft patch has developed for the euro in recent months.

So, what are dollar to euro anticipated rates in 2012? This is important for any investor and where he should put his money. If we look behind, we will see the Euro peaking in 2008 and then plummeting down massively. But market experts believe it wont be long to see the Euro reaching equivalence with the dollar. With tax raises and budget cuts, it is almost a certainty that the E interest rates would be low in Euro Zone. That clearly means that the U.S. interest rates will catch up with European rates, sooner or later.

However, the inventor would still favor dollar over the euro, as they would get higher returns on their currency deposits. Thanks to the fallout from Europes debt crisis, your dollar can still be stretched along way, if you go for a vacation there. Short the euro to reap big rewards over the next years if you are in investor.

RBS have warned of further weakening in euro exchange rate in 2012. The euro will reach equality with the dollar, sooner than we think. We are sure you have a fairly good idea now of what are dollar to euro anticipated rates in 2012.