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The ability in speaking English of students Grade 8 SMP Negeri 8 Ciamis is still
low. The students are worried in making mistakes and not confident to speak in
English. They still have difficulty in pronouncing English words. Most students
do not have enough in vocabulary and only a few students have dictionaries to
check it. In most cases they prefer to be quiet and not participate in the learning
process. Learning seems monotonous and less fun. To solve this, the researcher
conducted Classroom Action Research (CAR) by the tittle “Improving English
Language Proficiency Using Silent Card Shuffle Technique (SCST): Classroom
Action Research of Students Grade VIII SMP Negeri 8 Ciamis”. The research
questions of this study are: (1) How is the implementation of SCST in teaching
speaking? (2) Is SCST can improve students speaking skills? and (3) How is
students respond in implementing SCST of teaching speaking in classroom?
The using of Silent Card Shuffle Technique in teaching recount text obviously
could improve pronunciation, grammar, fluently, and expression. By using SCST,
The ability of students is growing and increasing to speak in English, they
began to believe in expressing ideas and knowledge related to the notices to be
conveyed through recount text. Every students has good perception using SCST
in learning English which is proved by a comfortable statement in learning and
helps students in speaking activities.
Key Words: speaking, Silent Card Shuffle Technique

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